BathHouse Journal

i s s u e 17

c o l l a b o r a t i o n  


“A Painting for January 10th” by Lindsay Farris


Anna Vitale 

Matt Polzin

Philip Metres

Rosamond S. King, Madhu H. Kaza, & Gabrielle Civil

Jill Magi

Ari Banias

Lytton Smith & Evan Goldstein 

Jerome Sala & Kevin Riordan

Sheezy Bo Beezy



BH 17 COLLABORATIONS presents work born out of collectivity, collaboration, organization. Work produced by crossing the border of the self, the country, the wall. Whether explicitly co-authored or un-authored, derived from a collective impulse or epistolary exchange, we are excited to share with you experimental poetry, prose, hybrid work and mixed media visual art that considers the theme of collaboration.