Angela Patane

Sects Red: An Altered Biology Text


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As a teenage girl, nothing was more foreign to me than the functions of my own body, particularly the reproductive system. I often watched videos, listened to teachers, and read texts about female reproductive biology, but it was always difficult to relate the meaning of what I’d heard and seen to my body. This piece explores the disconnect most girls feel when they first learn about female reproductive functions, and how confusing it can be to hear words like endometrial lining and uterine walls for the first time. For many women, it doesn’t get easier to understand our bodies once we get older. Much of this confusion is a derivative of the othering of women’s bodies that has traditionally dominated western medicine, sentiments which also further alienate women from their bodies. In the confusion of this piece, I hoped to express what many women and girls might hear when they learn about their reproductive systems.


Angela S. Patane is a writer, musician, and editor from South Florida. Her publications showcase some of her best works, which can also be found in her collection Speaking with My Second Mouth. Writing lyrics for her band, The Young Dead, has been a welcome evolution of her styling. In addition, Angela is the creator and editor of Love Your Rebellion, a literary zine published digitally and in print. Editing became one of her passions during her undergraduate at the University of Central Florida, where she interned as a submissions manager under Jeanne Leiby at Florida Review. During her MFA at Goddard College, Angela worked as a copy editor and associate editor for Pitkin Review. She now lives and works near the beach.  


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