BathHouse Journal

Ana Božičević

Nope / Courtney Love

Diving in a princess dress
Into the
Moshpit is
Something women do every day
So get up.

I took the last bottle of bubbly and
Walked to the park
I dared some magic to happen

But instead

I saw people’s feet
And kites and
Was reminded once more I was nuts
Impossible woman
Better marry while I’m still pretty

Get on the payroll
Or die

I’ll Never Forget the Way You Said Sabine

Will we marry like
We said or will I become
A less social Greta Garbo.
Today I made sex
Then worked all day in
Affordable housing
Worked like a sub then
Loved like one.
Why am I so poor
And old. It’s so cold my
Fingers have grown new
Lace. I want it to be spring
I want
A thousand a flowers to bloom,
Let’s pretend that “a” wasn’t there,
But see, I never felt
So free, so I
Put perfume on my soles
(I really do) and


My brain is falling apart
So I’m allowed to talk.

“Turn around and sleep my love
And I’ll hold you” I actually

Said this to a body
On this planet where
There are such things as forks

And gods, and police cars on fire.
My goal in life

Is to be a traitor to my race.
I don’t want things anymore

You’ve made me hate on them. When
You got yr bottle service
On the mine fields
Of Instagram and drowned

In silky lagunas
In filters–
Promoting your own death!

The revolutionary potential
I felt in you is gone

Now you’re just a
Banana peel framed

In the museum of the desert


I wasn’t me with them
I was mad with them
Bc they loved my body only
Inside the institution
& I didn’t want that cash

Fuck you
For not loving me for
I was “crazy”
And wouldn’t “get a job”
Trying to love your lazy

Socialized ass was job enough
Run from the institutions
Run from your lovers
Run from currency
To the current


Ana Božičević was born in Croatia and then she came to NYC. She’s the author of “Stars of the Night Commute” and “Rise in the Fall,” winner of the Lambda Literary Award. Her new book, “Joy of Missing Out,” is coming out from Birds, LLC later this year. She works and teaches poetry at BHQFU. She also sings.