BathHouse Journal

Sheezy Bo Beezy





defines your moments.


is time

how much

“right now”

do you got in yo pocket?

In God we trust,

In my city we pray to God to pray to whoever he prays to for us,

cuz sometimes it feel like we can’t trust him as far as we can spend him

we look our currency in the eye before we spend it

Eye’s are windows to the soul

the windows in my city are boarded up

But we smile in spite

Like… at least we still got a house


What the Ffffffffffargo?

Happened to the rest of the houses on my block?

We smile like…

my baby got straight A’s

in a city


no schools,


I used to go to school

where that new meijer is

Like this whole block used to be black owned

Like niggas silenced


Black bottom

row aint got no teeth

no community

no center…

or grocery stores with grocerys in them in a 3 mile radius

So gas station food, or liquor store food,

or GMO,

or OMG,

whole checks, for half a meal at Whole foods,

or death…

We smile like slavery

Like the scraps massa used to feed us is what we eat on a regular day

Like walking into a gas station

owned by the same Arab

that owns the liquor store next to it.

and the guy behind the counter is yelling


at a woman that looks just like your cousin.

and she still pays for her gas

with a smile

eyes are windows to the soul

the windows in my city are boarded up.


Sheezy Bo Beezy is a multitalented artist who converts elements of hip hop storytelling into modern prophecy. A self-taught magician, and spoken word poet, writer, percussionist, and singer, Sheezy is a pure performer and showman who has been performing, singing, dancing, and making music since his early childhood. Having perfected many of his favorite crafts, Sheezy currently combines musicianship, spoken word, magic and improvisation to inspire individuals to create a promote unity.